About us

Juan Vargas is a mexican designer, he born in Leon, Guanajuato at 1964, Juan Vargas founded a new and unique glass art studio in 1996, during the financial crisis that affected many countries around the world , but his techniques became well known because of its unique character.

From the beginning he development new thecniques that it doesn´t compare to anything , with materials that never used before in Mexico for made pieces of crystal and glass.

A través de su formación personal y profesional ha desarrollado múltiples fortalezas , como la capacidad de diseñar y crear piezas de decoración con diversos materiales, siendo su materia prima principal el cristal y el vidrio. También ha desarrollado la maquinaria para hacerlo de forma más eficiente y con excelente calidad.

Ha participado en múltiples concursos y recibidos varias menciones y premios a lo largo de todos los años en los que ha elaborado sus obras.

His deeply carved glass designs are techniques he learned from European and Mexican Masters, or Teachers. The exquisite relief of each design come to life with depth and dimension that is rarely seen in glass art, anywhere in the world. You will find his techniques most beautiful in all his products.

All his pieces are painted and etched by hand. All products have the signature of the designer, “Juan Vargas” and are “copyrighted ©

The Juan Vargas studio team of artisans have been together more than twenty years.

These beautiful art masterpiece are all “made by hand”, not machine manufactured, these amazing pieces of glass are all Made in Mexico , these beautiful art master piece are all “UNIQUE” in the world.